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The Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI®) is a revolutionary battery of instruments that strives to develop whole-brain thinking in individuals.  These assessment tools will help you develop strategies to sustain creativity and positive thinking in your personal and professional life. You will also be able to identify the essence of your problems and apply creative solutions immediately   

How was the NBI® developed?
The NBI® was developed after almost 30 years of extensive international research on left and right-brain functions. The instruments were developed by Kobus Neethling, under the research guidance of Professor Paul Torrance of the University of Georgia. Initially developed for adults, the NBI® has been expanded to include a number of other whole-brain instruments that are tailored to children, young adults, sportspeople and businesspeople. Ongoing research at a number of universities and institutes remains an integral part of the NBI® and whole-brain science in general.    

 What will the NBI® tell me?  

  • The NBI® gives an indication of how you:
  • communicate
  • act towards other people or in certain situations
  • do business
  • learn
  • teach
  • would manage in a certain career
  • solve problems
  • make decisions.

 The NBI® enables you to:  

  • develop effective teams
  • resolve conflicts in your personal and professional life
  • receive the best guidance in choosing a new career
  • improve the level of creativity and leadership in your business
  • select the best-suited employees for new positions
  • retain valuable employees
  • choose the best course of study
  • develop the whole-brain mental edge in your sport.
How does NBI® work?
The NBI® is a 30-question diagnostic survey that indicates your personal thinking preferences. Your thinking preferences influence the way you communicate, make decisions, solve problems and manage those around you. Understanding your thinking preferences can give you a new perspective on yourself and those you interact with every day. Every response that participants choose is current, relevant and topical. They are making a choice around their thinking preferences AS THEY ARE TODAY!For over a century, researchers have focused on gaining deeper insight into the functioning of the four quadrant brain. Although the concept ‘whole-brain thinking’ is in itself a major innovation with diverse applications, it is only the tip of the iceberg. With the four quadrants as the basis, we are proud to introduce the 8 Dimensions Instrument, which identifies two dimensions within each of the four quadrants. The 8 dimensions are a revolutionary aspect of the NBI® as they provide greater insight into elements within each of the four quadrants. This allows for a more thorough interpretation of an individual’s thinking preferences.  
What will I get once I complete the survey?
After completing the survey, you will receive the following:  
  • A full-colour profile of your personal thinking preferences.
  • An in-depth description of your profile and scores.
  • An interpretation of the implications that your results have on your life in both a personal and professional sense.

Trainers, consultants, human resources professionals, executive coaches, psychologists, businesspeople, students and parents from all walks of life use the NBI® products and services to take the guesswork out of personal and professional growth.

 The NBI® is one of the world’s leading diagnostic instruments.  

Instruments include:

Personal, Education and Business Instruments     

  • NBI General Adult
  • NBI Teacher/Trainer
  • NBI Senior Student
  • NBI Student
  • NBI SkillsNBI Job
  • NBI Personal
  • NBI Parenting Style
  • NBI Leadership Style
  • NBI Creativity Style
  • NBI Relationship Style
  • NBI Learning Style
  • NBI Eating Habits
  • NBI 360º  

Sport Instruments  

  • NBI Rugby
  • NBI Rugby Referee
  • NBI Soccer
  • NBI Golf
  • NBI Netball
  • NBI Tennis
  • NBI Cricket  


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